This is the end!

Dear friends. This is the end! This is my last post on this blog.
Running it has been a big challenge for me and I've learned a lot.
Thank you for reading my posts and for supporting me.
I love all of you!
Maybe Ola and I will one day return with a new blog. We're working on it!

Thanks! Take care of yourselves!


The Greatest Showman

When I heard that “Logan” was the last movie with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I was really sad. 
But when I heard that Hugh came back to musicals, I was so happy! A lot of people don't know that Hugh Jackman is a musical actor. Of course a lot of us remember him from “Les Miserables” and I love his character there, but I want something really good. 
You know, like singing, dancing and magic! So “The Greatest Showman” was at the top of my “must-see” list.
I didn't want to be disappointed so I tried not to have big hopes for this film, but after the first 5 seconds in the cinema I was completely mesmerized. It was an absolutely magical experience in my life. The music, the outfits, the actors were all extraordinary.

When I stepped out of the cinema I had tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. 
When I came back home I watched almost every video one more time, especially the ones from auditions and rehearsals.

In particular, I find two of the videos to be very emotional. In both of them you can see how Hugh is a sensible man. 
Watch them and compare these performances to his role as Wolverine.


Peter Mayle again!

Hi everyone!
Today I want to tell you about Peter Mayle again! :)
I know that you still remember my presentation and that you want to know a little more about it.

Peter Mayle is one of the best-known British authors thanks to his series of books about Provence.
He was born in Brighton, but after the war his family moved to Barbados, where he went to school. 
At the age of 16 he left school and returned to England. He started to work as a trainee at Royal Dutch Shell – a multinational oil and gas company. He worked at the office in London. In this job he discovered that he is more interested in advertising,
so he wrote to one of the heads of Shell's advertising agency and was offered a job as a junior account executive, 
but he declined and eventually became a copywriter in New York. Later he worked as a creative director in US and UK offices. 
He spend 15 years in the advertising business and then he wrote his first educational book for children “Where Did I Come From?”. This was the first book in a series about sexual education, emotions of mothers and fathers and growing up. 
Other books in the series include “Will I Like It? Your First Sexual Experience, What to Expect, What to Avoid, and How Both of You Can Get the Most out of It”, “How to Be a Pregnant Father” and “Baby Taming”. He wrote a lot about children, parenting, marriages and divorces, and he himself has had 3 wives and 5 children, so he has a lot of experience in this topic.
He wrote 16 books before “A Year in Provence” brought him popularity. It was a new kind of book in his bibliography, 
because it wasn't about sex, but rather it was his memoir about his first year in Provence, his account of local events, people, atmosphere and landscapes. This book sold more than one million copies in the UK and six million around the world in the last 20 years. What is really interesting is the fact that this book was a big success, but in 1993 BBC produced a television mini-series which was a big failure. This TV series was placed by Radio Times at tenth position on a list of the worst television programmes ever made.
He also wrote 3 sequels to this book: “Toujours Provence”, “Encore Provence”, “French Lessons”, and also 5 more books about Provence. “Toujours Provence” retells the story of French villagers, with wine and sun landscapes in the background. In “Encore Provence” Peter Mayle wrote about his return to Provence, about people and places and how they changed. “French Lessons” talks about French kitchen and his love of food, about his first meeting with truffles, snails, etc. One of his books, “A Good Year”, is often mistaken with “A Year in Provence”. There is 15 years' difference between these books.


You are waiting for the next Marvel movie... You don't want to know any spoilers...
You go to the cinema and the film is starting... when suddenly the lights turn on and on the stage is... James Corden. 
And you just know that something is going to happen! He starts to tell you the plot of the film, 
and you're thinking “Noooo James, don't do this”, but then something even worse happens... or maybe more interesting?

An actual Thor appears on the stage in a strange outfit, followed by Loki and Hela. 
They recreate key scenes from the film, and before the film starts again you know every important moment in it. 
You can't decide whether it was funny or whether it was a disaster. What would you do in such a situation? 
Would you be angry or just surprised? I don't know. I think that I would be a little angry, but this is James, sooo... 
You know by now that I love him so much. And if you don't know what I was talking about, check it!


Friendship at a distance

I think that everyone has had a friend who lives far away from us. Very often he or she is actually our best friend. 
Have you ever thought why it's like that? I have one friend who is very very far from me, and you know what? 
That's good, because if we saw each other every day, I think we would become enemies. 
I really love her, but sometimes when she is near me for too long I want to kill her... with love of course! 
We have completely different characters but we can talk for hours and hours about anything. It's amazing.

I also have one friend in an opposite situation. When he is near me, everything is perfect, but when we are 70 kilometres apart, 
it's hell. Not because of the distance, but because we become unable to talk without sarcasm or screaming. 
I don't know why it is like that. But this relation is still very important to me. The most important in my life. 
I know that if something ever happened, we would walk through fire for each other. Have you experienced something like that? 
What kind of friendships do you have in your life?



Do you remember when you got accepted into a university and you started looking for your new flatmates and for an apartment? 
How will it look like? I remember I was scared. I knew my flatmates Zuza and Paulina before, we are friends.
And that's why I was so scared: because if you live with someone, you get to know everything about that person. 
You can't hide yourself. We've been living together for three years now and luckily we haven't had any big disputes so far.
Of course we sometimes argue, but it stays small. We call our flat “home”. I think it means a lot.
This year was the third time when we bought a Christmas tree together. 
We then decorated it and treated ourselves to a glass of wine and some delicious food which we made together. 
I really love my friends.

How about your flatmates?



Do you know that moment when one of your friends tells you that you will be an aunt?
Do you know the happiness that comes with it? So imagine what happens when two of your friends tell you that you will be an aunt!!!
It's such grace and happiness that I can't describe it!
In 4 months I will be the best aunt that I can be to two little girls.
Łucja and Helena. I think that my friends chose really beautiful and traditional names for their children.
I don't understand people who name their children something like Jessica, Martin or Brian.
I think that by doing this they are hurting their children. I much prefer traditional names like Zofia, Maria, Franciszek or Antoni.
What do you think about names? Do you prefer traditional or “fancy” names”?
Do you believe that names carry a power?