Najprościej Mówiąc

Hi! Today I want to tell you about 'NAJPROŚCIEJ MÓWIĄC'

It's a show with two medical students, one camera operator and one mission to accomplish – show that medicine isn't boring.

Mikołaj and Marcin study medicine at Poznan University of Medical Science and Ryszard is their cameraman
who takes care about visual effects.
They want to talk about medicine in a way that everyone can understand.
They have their own website, a profile on Facebook and a channel on YouTube.
They make funny movies which explain diseases, conditions and treatments.

In the description on their webpage we read:
We live so briefly that inside us there is a constant desire to act and the belief that we can shape our reality.
Medicine does not have to be boring and we want to show it as it really is.
Useful, logical, interesting and above all accessible to everyone.

And... they really do this! The first time I saw their video I couldn't stop laughing,
but they explained everything very clearly so that every guy could understand what's going on :D

Below I will show you their video, enjoy!


Why is learning English important?

Hi! Today I want to tell you why learning English is important.
First of all we must admit that English is a global language/world language,
because is spoken internationally and a lot of people learn and use it every day.
English is very helpfull in our life, because a lot of things make easier.

The first thing is our education.
When we know English the world is open for us, we can go abroad and study at prestigious universities.
If we finish one of this type of univeristy we have better qualifications and our profil is more intresting for our future employers.

So... the second thing is career.
English is the language of diplomacy and buisness. A lot of companies and entreprises look for someone
who is fluent in English to be able to communicate with foreign partners, to open foreign branches, to follow the latest trends,
and also to communicate with competitors. People familiar with fluent English are employed in large companies as negotiators, translators, consultants and liaisons with the main branch office and they earn a lot of money.

Thirdly all of us use a technology.
The world loves new innovations and special gadgets.
A lot of gadgets has the option to choose language, but majority of advanced news has instructions and software in English,
so if we want to use advanced technology, we must to know English.

Next thing is information.
Majority of good information sites, which are trustworthy are in English and also a lot of informations from world
which are intresting for us very often aren't avaible in Polish.
Many scientific publications, books and magazines are available only in English.
So when we know English we have acces to things, which are intresting for us.

Last things are communication and travelling.

English is the official language in 60 countries and also this is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world.
When we travel we can communicate in English in nearly every corner of the world. We can get to know new people and cultures.
We can complete all formalities in airports, stations, banks, hotels, restaurants, museums, univeristies and a lot of others places. English is used in every companies which are part of our economy.

To sum up English is very important English is necessary because this language is a part of our life,
because this language helps us to discover the world, to communicate with people,
to develop our skills and to take care about our future.


Buckingham Palace

Today I want to tell you about Buckingham Palace.
I think everyone has heard about this building or has seen it on TV or in a TV series.
Buckingham Palace is the biggest royal palace in the world.
"The royal residence measures 108 metres by 120 metres. It's 24 metres high and contains over 77.000 m2 of floorspace.
There are 775 rooms, including 19 state rooms, 52 principal bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.
The palace also has a post office, a cinema, a swimming pool, a doctor's surgery and a jeweller's workshop."

Buckingham Palace is one of the pearls of the Late Baroque. The history of the palace's site goes back to the Middle Ages,
but the first building was created at the beginning of XVIII century by William Winde.
The first building was called Buckingham House and it was built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham.
Buckingham House was composed of a central block and two smaller wings on either side.
It was a private mansion of the Duke and his family.

In 1761 a descendant of the Duke, Sir Charles Sheffield, put it on sale and its new owner was King George III.
He bought this house for 21.000 pounds (that's about 3 million pounds today).
The building was used as a private residence of his wife, Queen Charlotte. The house was also renamed The Queen's House.
In 1762 rebuilding work was started and it was later continued by King George IV.

In 1828 the King decided that he wanted a palace and not a small house. So he asked an architect called John Nash for help.
Nash retained the main block but doubled its size by adding a new suite of rooms on the garden side facing west.
The design of the external facades has been modeled on French neoclassicism, and they have been faced with mellow Bath stone.
In 1829 the renovation budget exceeded five hundred thousand pounds (40 million pounds today), and Nash was removed from the project.

In 1830 King Wilhelm IV claimed the throne, but he didn't finish the palace.
It's construction was finished under the reign of Queen Victoria. When she married Prince Albert,
he started renovation and reorganisation. He wanted to correct all of the mistakes made by his predecessors.

In 1847 the Queen decided that the Palace is too small for the royal court and her family so she decided to develop it even more.
New wings were added, as well as the part of the palace which is now the most famous - the one with the balcony from which the Royal Family greets their subjects. The last major work on the Buckingham Palace has taken place during the reign of Queen Victoria's grandson, King George V, in 1913. It covered the outside of the building.


my last post in this term :)

Hi everyone! This is my last post in this term.
I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts!

I need some ideas for the next term, so I have 10 questions for you!
If you recommend me something I will try to write about it during the next term :)

  1. What would you like to read about on my blog?
  2. What do you like to do when you have free time?
  3. What is your favourite place in Poznań?
  4. Who is your favouirte blogger?
  5. Who is your favourite YouTube vlogger?
  6. Which films should I see and why?
  7. Which TV series should I see and why?
  8. Which books should I read?
  9. Which musical do you like the most?
  10. What is your favourite food that I should try?

So my dears! Sesja is coming. I'm leaving you with Frank Sinatra. Be brave!


SESJA is coming!

Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you how you can prepare before studying, because SESJA IS COMING!

If you've already cleaned your flat, you can start to prepare, so...
1. Organize your notes.
I know that you have a million notebooks, folders and a lot of unorganised photocopies,
but take your time and divide everything into topics and subjects that you need to learn.
Count the amount of material and check the level of difficulty.

2. Make a calendar.
Consider how much time you will need to prepare good notes for each subject and how much time you will need to comprehend
the material in each subject. Later count how many days you have before exams and split the material into parts.

3. Use freeware programs.
If you have a lot of vocabulary to learn, use Quizlet and learn on the bus or on a tram, everywhere!
You can make a playlist on Fiszkoteka and listen to your vocabulary while you're running, sleeping or eating.

4. Food and drinks.
After preparing all of the materials and the learning plan, go to the kitchen and make some healthy snacks like pieces of oranges 
and apples, a few (A FEW) pieces of chocolate, nuts, almonds etc. Make sure to prepare some drinks like water, 
tea or a healthy cocktail. This will give you a lot of vitamins and energy.

5. Prepare your workplace.
Position your chair and lights correctly. Keep a blanket close to you – it may be helpful when you finally break down crying
and will need to hug something. Prepare notes to learn from, some blank paper or a notebook and also some colored highlighters.

6. Music and actual studying
Turn the music on quietly, which aids in learning. Then start to study.
Mark information which is important or which you don't understand and cross out the unnecessary parts.

Repeat the acquired material often and don't give up!


You know what.

We all know this time when we start to notice the dust on the wardrobe,
under the wardrobe, in the wardrobe and on each tiny area of our room.

Later we start to see our mess in the closet, in the drawers and on the desk.
So we decide to clean everything, even the leaves of the flowers.

Once we have cleaned all that jazz in our room, we suddenly remember that we have a kitchen,
bathroom, corridor and a balcony and we have to clean them immediately.
We spend hours searching for an area to wash.

When we have cleaned the whole apartment along with the windows, we get very hungry.
We open the fridge, but there's nothing good to eat there, so we go shopping.

When we have visited a shop and read every label... at this moment we recall that there are more shops in the neighborhood!
So again we spent hours on reading labels.
Then the time comes when the shop is closing, so we run to the cash register and we get rid of all the spare change. 

Later we come back to the house (taking the longer route of course!) and we make meals for 163,863,021 days.
After all this we have to clean the kitchen one more time. We are very tired, so we must have some time to relax!
We browse the internet in search of a movie or a very long TV series. We have to see every single episode. This is our obligation!
We finish our TV series, which takes us a few days. We then have to exercise, because in a sound body a sound mind! 

But... we cheat ourselves. 'Sesja' is coming! So get to work! You can do it! Believe in yourself!
In the next post I will show you several tips on how to survive the exams!

All the GIFs are from giphy application from facebook :)



Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you that I'm going to London! :)
It's nothing exciting, but... I'm going to see HAMILTON on the West End! :D
Dreams do come true :D

Hamilton is an American Broadway musical which I love.
Normally, when I listen to music I like one song for a week and later I'm bored with it.
But I've been listening to Hamilton for one year and it's magical. I never liked rap and hip-hop but Hamilton is incredible.
I know every song in this musical and I'm going to see it live with my own eyes in April 2018.
 I'm so happy and today I want to tell you about several places which I want to see when I will be in London.

West End
I always dreamed that one day I will be there, because there are a lot of best musicals
which I love and of course London is closer than New York or Chicago.
So when I heard that Hamilton will be playing in London I had to buy tickets!

The second place is Madame Tussauds wax museum.
I heard a lot about this museum and I always wanted to see those wax figures.
I think that it can be a really interesting experience :P
Writing this reminded me of a film in wich Ewa Farna pretends to be a wax figure. Did you see it?

The third place is the Natural History Museum.
I heard that this is a very interesting museum, because of a lot of exhibitions.
I simply have to see it, because I love nature and history :D

The fourth place is the Buckingham Palace.
I love historical TV series and films. I'm watching a lot of them. I especially like films about the Royal Family like 'The King's Speech' about George VI or the new TV series 'The Crown' about Queen Elizabeth II. I watched this TV series over the course of two days.
It's amazing because it shows how Elizabeth had to change and how her husband reacted.

Do you have your favourite places in London which I should see?
Let me know!