You know this moment, when you think: „This week, I will do everything!”?
You have a million things to do: run a blog, go to work, prepare translations, do tests, 
write a bit of your bachelor's thesis, make presentations...
and then Ola comes with a runny nose and you just know that it won't be possible.
Two days later I was coughing, I had a runny nose, a fever, a headache etc.

I went to a family doctor and he told me to stay in bed for one week.
WHY? Why me? After a few days I was feeling a little better, but that was just silence before the storm.
I wanted to do so many things when I was in bed; maybe at least read a book, learn something... 
but I had no strength. At least it was only for one week, right?
WRONG. I'm sick again and this is my second week in bed. I can't do anything. It's really distressing.
When I think about my backlog of things to do, I want to cry. I hope that all of you are healthy. I hug all of you!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!
It's good to see you here again :)

I was in Edinburgh recently, and I visited three National Galleries of Scotland:
- Scottish National Gallery
- Scottish National Gallery of Moder Art
- Scottish National Portrait Gallery

I really like museums but I can't understand one thing – taking photos at the museum.
You know, sometimes you just want to have a photo of a piece of art
– but I saw one man who took a photo of every single painting in the gallery. And I asked myself why?

Where could you use those photos? Why would you do this? Why wouldn't you take a photo of yourself with this painting?
If me or my friend want a photo with a painting, we try to do something more or less special.
We try to be a part of this painting/sculpture or exhibit.
If a man at the painting is skating, do the same! But maybe without ice skates at the museum.
Strike the same pose as him! Why not? It's often very funny and you'll have a good souvenir and a fun memory!

It's evident that in these National Galleries I took a couple of photos with works of art,
especially with portraits, because I love them!
Below you can see my photos :)


Final exams

Hi! This is my 15 – last post in this term.
Sesja is coming. This time is hard for each students.
Last year I showed you my favourites videos about final exams.
Today I will show you my favourites gifs and photos!
Stay strong! Everything will be good!

Inspiration is everywhere

Do you know this feeling when you listen to a new song and it seems to be familiar?
It is normal, we all draws inspirations from each others, but sometimes it's not only music that feels familiar.
It's also dance, film or character. I will show you to videos which compare films and dance.

First of it is La La Land and other old musicals. Do you see an inspiration? Isn't it very similar ?

Second is Beyonce's dance in single ladies.

I understand an inspiration, but I think that this is a plagiarism, isn't it?
What do you think about it? Do you know other examples of such inspirations?

We can do everything but we do nothing

We can do everything but we do nothing.
It is said that our generation can do everything, we can study, work, travel at the same time... so why we don't do this?
Because we don't believe in yourself. We believe that everyone can do everything but not us, because we are weak, lazy and unworthy. THIS IS NOT TRUE!
If you want domething, you can reach for it. The question is what you really want?
You need to decide and realize your dreams.
It can be difficult but don't give up! Fight! Fight with you, with your weaknesses, your laziness and undervaluation.
We can change the world, we can discover countries, cultures and people. Don't hesitate, just go!

Collateral Beauty

Hi today I want to tell you about Collateral Beauty.

Collateral Beauty is a film with Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Edward Norton, Keira Knightely and Helen Mirren.
This a story of man named Howard. He is a businessman who lost a child and he writes to time, love and death.
He has a depression so his three friends want to help him, because he start to ruin their company's future.
Instead of working he deals with domino stacking. Howard's friends decided to hire three actors.
They started to play love, time and death and talk with Howard. The actors also help friends.
One of them is scared, because he is dying, so he talk with death. Second of them has problems with daughter, so he talk with love. Third of them want to have a baby, so she talk with time. This is a beautiful film about pain, love, fight, faith and friendship.
Trailer below.


Hi today I want to tell you about Eurovision.
All of us know that this is a big contest of music, isn't it?
When eurovision is coming I always consider why songs for eurovision must be „eurovision songs”.
There was a lot of accidents when song was on the high level, but that wasn't „eurovision song” so it lose.
When I was young I was thinking that Eurovision is supposed to be a contest with music on the highest level,
with world class songs, but reality was different.
This year the winner of the eurovision song contest was Salvador Sobral with beautiful song, with a song on the highest level.
He is a young man from Portugal. This song named Amar Pelos Dois was written for him by his sister Luisa.
They performed this song together befor winning.
This song is simple, waith a message, with love and passsion.
Just listen.